Inspired by Hyde Park’s legendary Speakers’ Corner, the most famous gathering place for free speech in the world, our series sparks everything from critical business decisions to needle movement on key issues.

Fair warning: it may energize a creative revolution!

Speakers_Corner_setSpeakers’ Corner™ offers two distinct but complementary services under the Speakers’ Corner brand.

The Video-on-Demand (VOD) series is designed to serve as a lifeline for the front line: marketing and communications professionals who are determined to keep their edge but suffer from other distractions such as deadline pressures, competing priorities and limited budgets.

Looking for a lifeline to prepare you for the big stage? Speakers’ Corner™ also offers an à la carte selection of advisory and consulting services for corporate leaders. Rely on our network of experts in the Netsortium® at Westmeath Global Communications to prepare you for board presentations, industry pitches, media interviews or panel discussions.

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