Unconventional Marketing: Courage + Conviction – Available Now!

“It’s an honor to share my professional experience with Speakers’ Corner because of the quality of the viewing audience; like-minded communications experts looking to elevate their game and our profession.” – Rich Kylberg

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About Rich:

Take a serial entrepreneur, add an altruistic core, throw in a dose of chutzpah for good measure, and you’ve got Rich Kylberg. So the last place you might expect to find a person like Kylberg is in a vice president’s chair at an 80-year old, Fortune 150 corporation.

But Kylberg has been defying expectations most of his life.

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Whether it was showing up at the starting line of his first Iron-distance triathlon having never participated in a triathlon before, grabbing a camera without a producer to shoot public service announcements as a college intern at a local PBS station, or driving into New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina with nothing more than a copy of his radio station’s license as a credential to be able to lend a hand, this is a man who defies gravity while producing results.

His current endeavor: leading the marketing and communications team at Arrow Electronics.

Rich’s VOD, “Unconventional Marketing: Courage and Conviction,” is available now.  Subscribe today to get access!

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Employee Advocacy: Why Employees Are the Next Big Thing – Available Now!

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Check out the full recap from Bernie and Amanda’s LIVE Q&A on Employee Advocacy!

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Bernie Charland
Bernie Charland

“I’m thrilled be part of the Speakers’ Corner program – both as a presenter and consumer – because it’s increasingly critical for communication professionals (even veterans like me) to remain informed about industry trends and best practices. SCVOD provides timely, curated content from experts in a format that allows me to access the videos, and dialogue with my peers, whenever it’s convenient.” – Bernie Charland

About Bernie:

Bernie is a seasoned leader with more than 25 years experience in corporate communications in Canada and the United States. Though Bernie’s career spans a variety of settings – including agency, corporate, trade association, politics and consulting – for the past 15 years he has specialized in employee communications, leadership outreach and social media planning.

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Bernie has been owner and principal of Thinktwice Communications since 2009. Before starting Thinktwice Bernie was Vice President, Internal Communications for Iron Mountain, the global leader in information management services based in Boston. Prior to that he managed the Global Internal Communication function at Dell Inc. and led strategic planning for the award-winning Conversations & Communities (social media) team. During his agency days, Bernie worked with a range of leading organizations including Ford, Deutsche Bank, Boeing, Gerber/Novartis, Toyota, Nationwide, MolsonCoors, Visa and Sprint.

Bernie’s educational background includes a Masters degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern’s Medill School and an Honors Bachelor of Journalism from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

Bernie has passion and a drive for excellence that extends beyond his work. Personal achievements include completing over 40 marathons (including ultra-marathons), 50 triathlons and climbing trips to Mt. Everest, Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua.

Bernie and Amanda’s VOD, “Employee Advocacy: Why Employees Are The Next Big Thing”

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Amanda Turner
Amanda Turner

About Amanda:

Having spent the past 15 years in corporate communications, Amanda has worked closely with executive teams to drive engagement and effectively lead employees through organizational change. Throughout her career, she has provided valuable communications council to corporate leadership.

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Amanda works with companies across a variety of industries including financial services, education and healthcare. Whether a company is redefining its mission, introducing a new strategy, acquiring a competitor or simply seeking to improve upon the status quo, Amanda identifies how to best engage employees and align them toward a common goal.

Amanda spent eight years at Fortune 200 leader, Baxter International. As the head of internal communications, she oversaw financial and strategic messaging, a global rebranding, the introduction of new leadership and the acquisition/divestiture of numerous entities.

Amanda has a bachelor’s degree in both English and Communications from Vanderbilt University and a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. She resides in Denver, Colorado with her husband and two boys and runs her own firm, ClearChange Communications.

Amanda and Bernie’s VOD, “Employee Advocacy: Why Employees Are The Next Big Thing”


What’s YOUR Point? – Available Now!

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“Speaker’s Corner feels like a breath of fresh air. Too many conferences, talks, blogs seem to be indistinguishable, one from the next. Speaker’s Corner — in the selection of topics and unexpected variety of speakers — promises to be worth every bit of attention it attracts.” – Michael Baldwin

About Michael:

Michael is an accomplished leader in the communications industry with more than 25 years of experience building global brands, leading international teams, solving complex strategic problems and developing high-impact creative campaigns.  Michael spent eight years with Ogilvy & Mather, where he was the Worldwide Account Director. While there, he managed the SAP account, directing the integrated communications campaign and building a global team in more than 40 countries.

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Michael helps individuals, teams, companies and brands with personal and corporate branding, executive and team coaching and one-of-a-kind PowerPoint training (“How to Put the Power Back in PowerPoint”) that turns corporate presenters into uniquely effective communicators. He melds his actor’s training with his professional acumen to create a compelling, transformative experience for all who work with him. Michael studied professional acting at the William Esper Studio and the Deena Levy Theatre Studio in New York.  Last year, he wrote, “Just Add Water,” which shares his secrets on great presentations.  He is a graduate of Beloit College in Wisconsin.

Michael’s VOD, “What’s YOUR Point?” is available now.

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Western Union Case Study: The 5 Conversations All Social Brands Should Care About – Available Now!

Diane Scott
Diane Scott, Executive VP, CMO

About Diane:

As Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Diane Scott is focused on developing new products and services for consumers and businesses by leveraging existing assets to increase consumer loyalty and retention, attract new consumers and obtain a higher share of wallet.

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Additionally, Scott is responsible for leading strategic global marketing development including brand strategy, customer segmentation, marketing communications, customer experience, and market research and analytics. She is based in Englewood, Colorado, at Western Union’s global headquarters.

Scott’s tenure with Western Union began in 2001 and has included positions as General Manager of the U.S. domestic business and Senior Vice President for marketing in the Americas. Prior to working at Western Union, Scott was the marketing director for US West Dex and Izodia Corporation. In these roles, she was responsible for marketing communications and brand strategy for various consumer and business-to-business segments. Scott began her career working in the advertising industry at McClain Finlon Advertising, where she worked across a wide a variety of industries domestically and internationally.

Scott holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Syracuse University.

Diane and Luella’s VOD, “Western Union Case Study: The 5 Conversations All Social Brands Should Care About,” will be coming soon to a device near you.


Liuella Chavez D’Angelo, CCO

“Western Union is a fast-moving organization. We gravitate to innovative solutions. Speakers’ Corner is an innovative approach that offers our global team a practical way to learn on the go!” – Luella D’Angelo, CCO, Western Union

About Luella:

As Chief Communications Officer for Western Union, Luella Chavez D’Angelo is responsible for developing and implementing a strategic, aligned and highly effective global communication and corporate social responsibility strategy for the company’s growing array of products and delivery channels. She also oversees the Western Union Social Ventures department and the Western Union Foundation, together with its Board of Directors.

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Luella received the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce and in 2014 was recognized by the same organization as one of Colorado’s most powerful women. In 2014 she received Hispanic Executive Magazine’s Top 10 Lideres Award and the Denver Business Journal’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Women in Business. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management and a master’s in Business Administration, with an emphasis on Finance, from the University of New Mexico.

Luella and Diane’s VOD, “Western Union Case Study: The 5 Conversations All Social Brands Should Care About,” will be coming soon to a device near you.

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Customer Analytics: A Fine Line Between Love and Hate – Available Now!

About Arezou:

Arezou Zarafshan is a charismatic leader with a reputation for delivering game-changing business results of monumental magnitude. She has almost 20 years of experience leading customer-centric and research and development functions for global manufacturing and consumer product companies. Arezou is recognized as a visionary in developing processes and products that drive measureable improvement in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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Having lived and worked in Asia and the U.S., Arezou brings a thoughtful international perspective to business, which has solidified her reputation as an adept leader of global cross-functional teams. She is equally strong in left brain and right brain thinking—a differentiator which informs her intentional approach to seizing opportunities and solving problems.

Arezou recently joined OtterBox as the Customer Analytics Sr. Executive. Prior to OtterBox, Arezou was Vice President of Total Consumer Experience at Crocs Inc., a global manufacturer of footwear headquartered in Colorado. In this role she was responsible for instilling a consumer-centric culture and processes globally. During her three-year tenure at Crocs, Arezou designed and deployed innovative programs bringing consistent integration of Voice of the Consumer and Voice of the Ambassador into business management processes. Arezou also established global Customer Experience Management programs, infusing customer centricity into the fabric of the company.

She began her career at Hewlett-Packard, where she spent 13 years in increasingly significant roles. Starting as an engineer, she was promoted to R&D project manager, Design Center program manager, and R&D section manager. Following HP, Arezou was recruited to join ACCO Brands, one of the world’s largest suppliers of branded office products, as its Vice President for R&D and Product Development.  At ACCO, Arezou’s responsibilities quickly grew from being solely focused on Document Finishing products to overseeing the entire ACCO Brands product portfolio.

Arezou is a passionate advocate for women’s and children’s rights and equity in the workplace. She is equally passionate about mentoring and coaching professional women, and is a board member of the Denver Chapter of the Ellevate Network, a global organization dedicated to empowering women economically and in the workplace. Arezou previously served on the board of the YWCA in Vancouver, Washington.

She is a dynamic speaker who is frequently invited to industry events to share her expertise on topics including Market Centric Product Development, Customer Experience, and the connection of Customer Experience metrics to hard business metrics.

Arezou holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology and Washington State University, respectively.

She and her husband, Evan, live in Golden, Colorado, with their son.

Arezou’s VOD, “Customer Analytics: A Fine Line Between Love and Hate,” will be available soon to a device near you.

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Unleashing the Power of Content: Turning Content into a Strategic Asset – Available Now!

“Speakers’ Corner delivers practical and compelling thinking from some of the the most dynamic minds in the world of marketing and communications.   CSG is thrilled to be a subscriber and contributor to what is a powerful emerging platform for marketing and communications professionals.”- Steven Shapiro

About Steven:

Steven Shapiro has designed and executed successful business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing and communications strategies for more than 25 years.  He now applies his experience to providing strategic communications direction to the clients of Communications Strategy Group (CSG), a company he founded in May 2004.  Steven started the firm out of a desire to improve the role, reputation and delivery of what had been traditional public relations, and evolve it to what is now the framework of CSG’s “content-based influencer relations” philosophy.

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Steven’s career was primarily steeped in the financial services and education industries. He has led the communications aspects of many industry-changing “firsts”, including the launch of the first wrap accounts for Shearson Lehman Brothers; the launch of the first ETF, the SPDR, while at the American Stock Exchange; the first active ETFs for Grail Advisors; and the first fully online accredited university, Jones International University.  Steven is best known for his creatively strategic, metrics-based thinking that he applies to the firm’s clients’ challenges and opportunities, including crisis management, company and product launches, brand building, thought leadership and business accelerators.

Earlier in his career, Steven served as the vice president of corporate communications for Scudder Kemper Investments and Founders Funds after serving as the head of public relations for the American Stock Exchange. Steven started his career as an outside communications consultant for Ernst & Young, Lehman Brothers and Prudential, as well as consumer companies, including Sharp Electronics and the United Ski Industries Association.

Just prior to founding CSG, Steven served as vice president of marketing and communications for Jones Knowledge, a holding company for a series of online education companies. In this capacity, he was directly responsible for establishing Jones International University as a recognized pioneer in online post-secondary education. He also helped launch Jones e-global library, a comprehensive suite of online library research tools; and positioned Jones e-education, a learning course management and delivery platform, for dominance in the K-12 market.

Today, Steven continues to evolve and apply CSG’s unique strategic approach for the firm’s clients, while forwarding the firm’s culture of responsibility and value creation.  He also serves on the advisory board of Colorado State University Global Campus. Steven received his bachelor’s degree in economics from Emory University.

Steven’s VOD, “Unleashing the Power of Content: Turning Content Into a Strategic Asset,” will be coming soon to a device near you.


Measure Them! – Available Now!

Jeffrey Daigle is a senior research analyst at E Source who writes and speaks on topics such as marketing, customer analytics, customer experience, website and channel design, and customer care. His expertise on these subjects comes from years of managing a customer experience program for Crocs–the manufacturer of the original foam shoe–and operating two family-owned restaurant franchises. Jeffrey holds a BA in communication and French from the University of Colorado.

Jeffrey’s VOD, “Measure Them!” will be coming soon to a device near you.

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What’s a 50-Cent Hot Dog Got to Do With Customer Experience? – Available Now!

“Absolutely thrilled to be part of the team at Speakers’ Corner. The pedigree of speakers and high-level of content that is being discussed in these episodes is scintillatingly exciting for a marketer who has previously struggled to find truly insightful, actionable, and innovative business advice in a format that is created for today’s business leader. ” – Gabe Cohen

About Gabe:

Gabe Cohen brings a wealth of practical brand-building experience in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Brazil helping executives across a range of sectors better align and measure their organizations around the customer and employee experience.

His expertise stretches across healthcare, tourism, telecommunications, financial services, oil and gas, services and consumer electronics. Gabe is also a member of the CMO Club, a group of industry peers, and writes and speaks frequently on creating a brand-centric organization.

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Prior to joining Monigle Gabe led the Analytics and Brand Valuation practice for Interbrand in Canada. Most recently he spent the last two years with a Boston start-up pioneering the introduction of an innovative simulation technique that allows marketers to use existing insights and research to recreate customers journeys in a virtual environment and test how they might respond to different scenarios.

Gabe’s background includes a stint as a TV commentator at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games and analyst for the South Africa World Cup. He also recently realized his ambition of meeting Bono!

Gabe holds a B.A in Economics & Economic History from the University of York in the UK and an MBA from the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University.

Gabe’s VOD, “What’s a 50-Cent Hot Dog Got to do With Customer Experience?” will be coming soon to a device near you.

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