“Absolutely thrilled to be part of the team at Speakers’ Corner. The pedigree of speakers and high-level of content that is being discussed in these episodes is scintillatingly exciting for a marketer who has previously struggled to find truly insightful, actionable, and innovative business advice in a format that is created for today’s business leader. ” – Gabe Cohen

About Gabe:

Gabe Cohen brings a wealth of practical brand-building experience in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Brazil helping executives across a range of sectors better align and measure their organizations around the customer and employee experience.

His expertise stretches across healthcare, tourism, telecommunications, financial services, oil and gas, services and consumer electronics. Gabe is also a member of the CMO Club, a group of industry peers, and writes and speaks frequently on creating a brand-centric organization.

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Prior to joining Monigle Gabe led the Analytics and Brand Valuation practice for Interbrand in Canada. Most recently he spent the last two years with a Boston start-up pioneering the introduction of an innovative simulation technique that allows marketers to use existing insights and research to recreate customers journeys in a virtual environment and test how they might respond to different scenarios.

Gabe’s background includes a stint as a TV commentator at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games and analyst for the South Africa World Cup. He also recently realized his ambition of meeting Bono!

Gabe holds a B.A in Economics & Economic History from the University of York in the UK and an MBA from the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University.

Gabe’s VOD, “What’s a 50-Cent Hot Dog Got to do With Customer Experience?” will be coming soon to a device near you.

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